About the potatoes

Whether your end product is peeled potatoes, potato slices or diced potatoes, FTNON has the right potato processing equipment for you. Our product range includes machines for batch processing of small quantities as well as continuous processing lines for industrial potato processing.

Knife Peeler KNP 180 and KNP 350

Knife Peeler KNP (180 and 350)

The KNP-180 Knife Peeler has a capacity of approximately 1,800 kg per hour. The KNP-350 Knife Peeler has a capacity of approximately 3,000 kg per hour. Why choose the Knife Peeler KNP 180 or Knife Peeler KNP 350

  • both machines are fitted with extremely long-life blades
  • the peeling results are comparable with those obtained by hand peeling
  • the peeling process is completely dry, so major savings on water costs are achieved
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Abrasive Roller Peeler ARP

Abrasive Roller Peeler ARP

This Abrasive Roller Peeler ARP is suitable for the continuous peeling of root products, like potatoes, carrots, kohlrabi, beetroots and celery.
The rollers are provided with long-lasting carborundum coating, the specification of which can be adapted to the product to be peeled (grades – course, medium, fine, to be agreed upon). The roller design can be supplied with “swing ring” features for specific produce requirements, e.g. to prevent flat spot peeling with potatoes. Why choose the Abrasive Roller Peeler ARP

  • two rollers are driven by one drive
  • 12 rollers in total
  • the peeling rollers are subdivided into sections
  • easy to clean and maintenance cost are low
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Drum Washer DRW

Drum Washer DRW

During destoning, lighter particles and dirt stuck to the product are not completely removed. Therefore FTNON have designed the drum washer.

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Segmenting Machine with Automatic Product Feed SMA

Segmenting Machine with Automatic Product Feed SMA

This potato segmenter has a capacity of 90 - 100 segmenting strokes per minute. In the case of 65 strokes per minute – each with 8 potatoes - 520 can be segmented per minute, which means ± 30,000 pieces per hour. Depending on the weight of the potatoes, this corresponds with ± 2,500 kg per hour. Why choose the FTNON Segmenting Machine

  • consistent processing
  • special separation of potatoes in 4 rows
  • perfectly segmented product
  • simple operation
  • solid and low-maintenance system
  • easy to clean
  • quick exchange of knife block possible
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Screw Blancher Axial SBA

Screw Blancher Axial SBA

For some occasions blanching is necessary. Optimal water flow and an efficient heat transfer ensures that large temperature differences are avoided. Solutions are available for 500 kg/h up to 12,000 kg/h. Why choose the Screw Blancher Axial SBA 

  • Special low noise
  • Turbo heater for optimal steam usage
  • Cleaning door with safety grid for easy cleaning
  • Low maintenance dewatering screen
  • Adjustable retention time
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Weighing Conveyor WEB

Weighing Conveyor WEB

The FTNON Weighing Conveyor WEB can be applied at several places in a processing line.
It is possible to control the product flow on the line before the weighing conveyor in such a way that a more constant product flow will be achieved. However, it can also be used to create a product mixture. Why choose the Weighing Conveyor WEB

  • optimal line control
  • accurate measurement
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