We provide fullsolutions infruit processing

FTNON is specialized in processing fruit and supplying washers and dryers. FTNON also provides systems for disinfection fruit (by steam treatment) for long shelf life.

Multifunctional Washer MFW

Multifunctional Washer MFW

The multifunctional washer is designed to remove soil particles and debris from the products' surface. By keeping the product in constant motion, the entire surface of the product is submerged and washed.

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Product in Tote Washer PIW

Product in Tote Washer PIW

This unique washing principle allows products to be washed in crates/totes.
The whole heads or whole leaves are placed in crates/totes and are transported through the washer by a chain. The washer can also be used if high flexibility is needed. Each crate/tote could be loaded with a different product and fed after one another through the washer. Why choose the FTNON Product in Tote Washer PIW

  • optimum washing result for all kind of different products incl. whole head and whole leaves
  • different crates/totes can be used
  • system can be made completely automatic with crate/tote handling systems
  • easy to clean, easy to operate
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Product in Tote Centifuge PIC

Product in Tote Centrifuge PIC

The FTNON Product in Tote Centrifuge PIC is a flexible and automatic drying system that can handle multiple products in varying batch sizes.
This specially designed centrifuge can dry product in totes/crates, in a very gently and effective way. The Product in Tote Centrifuge is available with a variation of crate lanes in the drum and number of crates per lane. Thus the optimum configuration can be chosen to match the required capacity. Why choose the Product in Tote Centrifuge PIC

  • can dry whole heads or whole leaves of salads in a perfect way
  • can handle different crate/totes
  • easy to clean due to servo technology
  • low force dryer which reduces maintenance cost
  • unique design
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Suction Dryer SDS

Suction Dryer SDS

FTNON has developed a suction dryer which delivers the end products not only dryer but also in optimum condition.
This system, the Suction Dryer SDS, can be used as a standalone dryer or as a pre-drying step before spin- or air-drying. The concept of the suction dryer is to create enough gentle air flow at a high rate, through the product flow, to dry the product in a controllable manner. This removes droplets of water.


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Fruit Steamer DCC

Fruit Steamer DCC

FTNON has introduced a new steaming technology, Dynamic Cloud Control® that considerably improves the energy efficiency of steamers.
The main benefit of steam over water heating is that the product heats up more rapidly. This way, the outside of the fruit is sanitized without having the heat moving deep into the fruit. Also, the system will sanitize itself. 

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Robotic de-coringat HeemskerkFresh & Easy

The high-end food processing company Heemskerk are the first on the continent to de-core their lettuce without human action