Semi automatic de-coring
Flexible systems,hygienic design,safe process

FTNON provides a semi-automatic solution for de-coring of bell peppers and onions. A flexible system which can handle up to 5,500 peppers per hour. Operated by 1 or 2 people, this system is the most efficient you will find worldwide. The design is characterized by its hygienic design, safe process and flexible operating solution. Turnkey solutions with multiple systems combined with washing and drying solutions are also possible.

Sweet Pepper Decorer SPD

Sweet Pepper Decorer SPD

The Sweet Pepper Decorer SPD 550 is a sweet pepper de-coring and dividing machine that can be operated simultaneously by either one or two operators. Why choose the FTNON Sweet Pepper Decorer SPD

  • for de-coring and/or segmenting bell peppers
  • maximum capacity is approximately 5,500 units per hour
  • diameter from 55 mm up to and including 120 mm
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Steam consumption savings
On every DCC; steamer installed; we save up to; 90% of steam
Case study
Robotic de-coringat HeemskerkFresh & Easy

The high-end food processing company Heemskerk are the first on the continent to de-core their lettuce without human action