The ultimatesolutions inpre-cleaning

FTNON has extended knowledge about the large variety of products and the way they grow and behave. Therefore, FTNON designs systems to remove fines and foreign bodies. By using different methods based on knocker systems and air sifting systems, FTNON provides the ultimate solution. A combination of both makes it a unique pre-cleaning system for the fresh cut industry.

Knocker Conveyor KNC

Knocker Conveyor KNC

The FTNON Knocker Conveyor KNC is specially designed to remove small particles out of the ‘dry’ stage of the processing line.
The conveyor removes fines, like insects and sand, by means of belt knockers underneath the perforated belt. The dirt particles fall through the belt and are collected in SS trays. Why choose the FTNON Knocker Conveyor KNC

  • optimal pre-cleaning of product
  • easy to clean
  • many capacities possible
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Air Sifter AIS

Air Sifter AIS

The air sifter is used to remove light waste particles out of the product flow. The product is transported with a conveyor through the air flow. The waste particles are lifted with the air flow and collected in a waste bin next to the air sifter. Why choose for the FTNON Air Sifter AIS

  • suitable for all kind of products
  • different width possible for different capacities
  •  effective cleaning due to high air inlet surface
  • easy to clean
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We are responsible
This year we;saved 45 million; liters of water
million liters
of water
Case study all leadsto the optimalcondition ofthe end product.

Reducing water consumption, maximizing dust removal and keeping the date's characteristics in shape were the essential ingredients for inventing the new line.