We provide limitedwaste, good mixingratio and continuousquality

FTNON provides solutions for 2 mixing methods: wet and dry mixing. Depending on the customer’s philosophy, FTNON provides turnkey and tailor-made solutions. Nowadays, the industry is very keen on limited waste, good mixing ratio and continuous quality. FTNON is a frontrunner in design for the best solution to your needs.

Mixing Conveyor MIC

Mixing Conveyor MIC

FTNON's Mixing Conveyor MIC specially designed to compose mixtures of various products.
The various products are brought onto the conveyor from crates or cartons in layers by an operator.

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Weighing Conveyor WEB

Weighing Conveyor WEB

The FTNON Weighing Conveyor WEB can be applied at several places in a processing line.
It is possible to control the product flow on the line before the weighing conveyor in such a way that a more constant product flow will be achieved. However, it can also be used to create a product mixture. Why choose the Weighing Conveyor WEB

  • optimal line control
  • accurate measurement
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We are responsible
This year we saved
million liters
of water
That is the equivalent of the water usage of 900 people on annual basis in the Netherlands
Case study
..it all leadsto the optimalcondition ofthe end product.

Reducing water consumption, maximise dust removal and keeping the characteristics of the date in shape were the essential ingredients inventing the new line.