Infeed Systems
Infeed systems,an ideal fit withFTNON

FTNON provides a wide range of infeed systems by means of bin/crate tippers, bin lifters and general bulk handling. Taking into consideration the latest hygiene and safety regulations, FTNON designs and produces its infeed systems aptly. FTNON has extended knowledge about products and the way they behave, so a proper product and process solution can be supplied as well as safety.

Bin Tipper BTS

Bin Tipper BTS

The FTNON bin tipping systems are specifically designed for use in the food industry. 
With FTNON’s bin tipping systems, products can be brought into the processing line in the correct manner. Why choose the FTNON Bin Tipper BTS

  • fully electric (no hydraulics)
  • up to 180 degrees tipping angle
  • suitable for many bins and weights
  • special bin knocking system makes it possible to release difficult products
  • low maintenance
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We are responsible
This year we saved
million liters
of water
That is the equivalent of the water usage of 900 people on annual basis in the Netherlands
Case study all leadsto the optimalcondition ofthe end product.

Reducing water consumption, maximise dust removal and keeping the characteristics of the date in shape were the essential ingredients inventing the new line.