FTNON is a globalleader in dryingequipment

FTNON provides drying systems for the fresh cut industry, suitable for different varieties of leafy products, vegetables, fruit, mushrooms and herbs. FTNON has a wide range of capacities from 100 kg/h up to 7.500 kg/h. We stand for quick changeover times, the latest hygienic designs, optimal retention times, excellent foreign body removal and extensive controls.

Freshline Centrifuge FLC

Freshline Centrifuge FLC

The Freshline Centrifuge removes surface water from fresh-cut produce gently and consistently, thus enhancing quality.
High-volume flexibility allows use in batch processing or continuous flow mode; as a stand-alone solid performer or as the central point of line control. Patented technology and dependable performance make this dryer the ideal choice for your fresh-cut line.
This robust dryer is developed to handle high capacities. The 980 mm wide drum can handle loads up to 75 kg/batch. It can be delivered with 1, 2 or 4 drums. The new drum spike design ensures minimum product damage and optimal drum balance. Why choose the FTNON Freshline Centrifuge FLC

  • high capacities can be handled
  • new drum design ensures optimal drum balance
  • hygienic re-design has taken place
  • complete with PLC controls and modem connection
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Super Batch Centrifuge SBC

Super Batch Centrifuge SBC

The Super Batch Centrifuge SBC is especially developed for drying fragile salads.
In this application, the product will be centrifuged in a conical drum, so the product can be divided evenly over the wall of the drum at a low speed and with a minimal falling height. This way, good drying will be achieved. The product damage is reduced to a minimum. Why choose the Super Batch Centrifuge SBC

  • less product damage
  • small foot print
  • hygienic design
  • easy to clean
  • low maintenance costs
  • low energy costs
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Product in Tote Centifuge PIC

Product in Tote Centrifuge PIC

The FTNON Product in Tote Centrifuge PIC is a flexible and automatic drying system that can handle multiple products in varying batch sizes.
This specially designed centrifuge can dry product in totes/crates, in a very gently and effective way. The Product in Tote Centrifuge is available with a variation of crate lanes in the drum and number of crates per lane. Thus the optimum configuration can be chosen to match the required capacity. Why choose the Product in Tote Centrifuge PIC

  • can dry whole heads or whole leaves of salads in a perfect way
  • can handle different crate/totes
  • easy to clean due to servo technology
  • low force dryer which reduces maintenance cost
  • unique design
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Air Dryer AID

Air Dryer AID

The FTNON Air Dryer AID, for drying fresh salads, vegetables and herbs using air. There are many benefits of using the Air Dryer, including better quality and longer shelf life due to low humidity; quick and easy cleaning to allow for frequent product changes; minimal energy consumption and optimal re-use of waste energy. Why choose the FTNON Air Dryer AID

  • full control of final moisture content
  • dryer is easier to clean
  • quick changeover times
  • compact machine
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Suction Dryer SDS

Suction Dryer SDS

FTNON has developed a suction dryer which delivers the end products not only dryer but also in optimum condition.
This system, the Suction Dryer SDS, can be used as a standalone dryer or as a pre-drying step before spin- or air-drying. The concept of the suction dryer is to create enough gentle air flow at a high rate, through the product flow, to dry the product in a controllable manner. This removes droplets of water.


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This year we;saved 45 million; liters of water
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of water
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..it all leadsto the optimalcondition ofthe end product.

Reducing water consumption, maximizing dust removal and keeping the date's characteristics in shape were the essential ingredients for inventing the new line.