Blanching solutionsfor the thermalprocessing industry

FTNON provides water blanching systems with the latest process and control technology. By using this water blanching method, we serve the ready meal industry, potato industry, root vegetable industry and the mushroom industry. FTNON can provide turnkey solutions in combination with steaming and / or cooling.

Screw Blancher Axial SBA

Screw Blancher Axial SBA

For some occasions blanching is necessary. Optimal water flow and an efficient heat transfer ensures that large temperature differences are avoided. Solutions are available for 500 kg/h up to 12,000 kg/h. Why choose the Screw Blancher Axial SBA 

  • Special low noise
  • Turbo heater for optimal steam usage
  • Cleaning door with safety grid for easy cleaning
  • Low maintenance dewatering screen
  • Adjustable retention time
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Steam consumption savings
On every DCC; steamer installed; we save up to; 90% of steam
Case study all leadsto the optimalcondition ofthe end product.

Reducing water consumption, maximizing dust removal and keeping the date's characteristics in shape were the essential ingredients for inventing the new line.