News: Come visit us at the Pack Expo
Come visit usat the Pack Expo

PACK EXPO October 14—17, 2018 Chicago, IL USA

PACK EXPO International Is the Main Event for Food Packaging Regulatory mandates as well as the better-for-you, natural and on-the-go trends are putting big demands on the food industry.

You’ll find all the packaging solutions you need to safeguard your products, keep clean-label food fresh, update your look and more at PACK EXPO International.
Be sure to look for:
•Safety-enhancing solutions such as code-scanning systems
•Variably sized and shaped compartments, single-serve packages, pouches and more in the Containers and Materials Pavilion
•Better sealants, films and other technologies for enhancing shelf life
•Digital packaging solutions that deliver high-end looks, customizability and small-run feasibility in the new PACKage Printing Pavilion

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