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FTNON’s logistic systems are suitable for a wide variety of foods. It is always possible to find ways of integrating the system into existing production lines. You can also opt for full or partial automation.

To FTNON's logistic systems belong:

  • Pre-preparation bin dumpers and infeeds
  • PLC weight, yield and traceability 
    control systems
  • Uplift conveyors and multihead infeed systems
  • Stacking and de-stacking systems
    for trays and pallets
  • Palletising and de-palletising systems
  • Tray stackers and palletising systems
  • Transport and buffer screw conveyors


Furthermore, you can contact us for solutions in respect of hoisting and tipping devices, screw weighing systems, tray transport and destination systems, hoppers, chutes, gutters, steps and platforms. 

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