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Cleaning trays and containers

Thanks to the complete washing installations manufactured by FTNON your raw materials, half-finished and final products can reach their destination in an even cleaner condition than before.

Industrial washing machines

for crates, trays, bins and containers

To FTNON's industrial washing machines for crates, trays, bins and containers belong following systems:

FTNON Continuous washing machine for trays and crates
  • Continuous washing machine for crates etc.
  • Pallet washing machine incl. drying installation
  • Washing cabinet for dolavs
  • Washing machine for raw material  boxes

Furthermore, you can contact us for solutions in respect of continuous washing machines for cans, moulds, pallets, (baking) trays and containers, cabinet washing machines for vehicles and containers, blow-off and drying installations, automatic infeed and outfeed systems.

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