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Come and visit our new MOP-200 Onion peeler

Easy cleanable due to new hygienic design


Come and visit our new MOP-200 Onion peeler at FTNON Location Horst, The Netherlands.

Monday, October 2nd up to and including
Friday, October 13th, 2017

Find out all the new features of this brand new innovative onion peeler:

  • Easy cleanable due to new hygienic design 
  • Yield improvement
  • Higher end product quality
  • User friendly design

A yield test with your own onions on the spot

You are invited to bring your own onions, so you can experience the direct peeling result with your specific product. We can carry out a yield test with your own product on the spot. Besides this we show you the design principles of the machine and are able to show you the important parts demounted. When needed we can also discuss an optimal line set-up with you.

A new extremely Hygienic++ version

We would be happy to demonstrate our MOP-200 to you and show you the hygienic and safety improvements. When visiting us, we will show the MOP-200 Hygienic++ version. An extremely hygienic version as high end solution next to the basic version we developed.

Development in active co-creation with our customers

FTNON as a frontrunner and innovative partner has developed this new machine on the bases of strong customer insight and active co-creation with our customers.


Feel free to contact your FTNON Horst Sales Manager personally to set up an appointment in Horst:

Lars Heuvelmans; e-mail l.heuvelmans@ftnon.com; mobile +31 6 467 12 46

You can also contact your own FTNON Contact person, or mail to sales@ftnon.com.

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