Case: Tasting, feeling, measuring.. all leadsto the optimalcondition ofthe end product.

Dates are vulnerable and a real delicacyā€¦ so how to process them?

We have provided Al Foah with a new date processing line. Al Foah is the world market leader for dates. Together with local farmers, they provide more than 48 countries around the world with fresh and healthy dates. In the Middle-east, reducing water consumption, maximizing dust removal and keeping the date's characteristicsĀ in shape are the Essentials, so those were the ingredientsĀ for inventing the new line.

For FTNON it is essential to develop and design the optimal processing line together with our customer and partners. Innovation and technology come together to provide Al Foah with the optimal equipment and line set-up. We discussedĀ the customer's needs in detailĀ to be able to provide them with the best tasting dates.

Al Foah has very specific needs. Together we developed a unique way of processing the dates, which led toā€¦

  • the dates damage in production is minimized, which results in a natural date
  • we optimized the date cleaning process
  • we have a smooth infeed and an even flow per individual date, which results in a consistent product quality
  • we have made an optimal drying system which removes the water and not the humidity in the date - we achieve a better taste, and the product characteristics are kept in shape, with a minimal removal of the date skin
  • also, energy and water reduction including water separation in the different cleaning stages leads to a minimum water consumption and minimises the back flush of soil - we realize 70% water reduction
  • the high quality materials and construction lead to less damage in practice and less maintenance in the future
  • after all, the customer is very happy because of the hygienic design, which makes the whole equipment easily cleanable which is an essential to keep the good taste and quality of the date.

Tasting, feeling, measuring, it all leads to the optimal condition of the end product.

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