Case: Robotic decoring at Heemskerk Fresh & Easy
Robotic de-coringat HeemskerkFresh & Easy

In Rijnsburg the Netherlands something special is happening. The high-end food processing company Heemskerk is the first on the continent who de-core their lettuce without human action. A robot is handling the whole de-coring process itself.

This solution results for Heemskerk in:

  • Less labour cost and personnel hassle
  • No human hands in the de-coring process which improves hygiene
  • Calculatable short return on investment
  • Higher yield of the lettuce product
  • Consistency in product handling
  • Generating data to analyse all throughput in detail

Why is this unique?
It scans lettuce in a scan cabinet with 5 cameras that jointly reconstruct a spatial 3D model of each head. The core is detected based on intelligent feature detection. A robot picks and rotates the lettuce and places it into the precision decorer. Every lettuce head is unique so the patented gripping technology ensures a firm grip and movement towards the de-coring knives.

Hygienic design
The CoreTakr features no hollow structures, but only sheet material. It is easy to clean and maintain and has minimal cavities. In cleaning mode, sensitive cameras are protected. All components are built to last and withstand harsh conditions to guarantee a hygienic solution.

Data driven processing lines
The FTNON Robotic systems are used to automate repetitive human labour in fresh food applications, in a safe and extremely hygienic way, but generate lots of useful data as well. Both raw material data and process data and machine data are stored and used to predict maintenance, optimize machine effectiveness and product quality. It is just the first step in automating fresh food processing lines.


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