About Us
Our solutionscontribute tohealthy foodfor everyone

With more than 50 years of experience FTNON has proven to be a frontrunner with regard to hygienic solutions for food processing and is rapidly growing in applying robotics in its production lines for the food industry.

About Us

Our Solutions contribute to healthy food for everyone

At FTNON we constantly work in partnership with our customers and technical partners. A deep customer understanding makes it possible to fulfil the needs of our customer and to optimize their processes and facilities. As a frontrunner, FTNON is setting standards in the industry especially on hygiëne and innovation. We take responsibility, not only for the solutions we provide, but also to provide the planet with healthy and safe food together with our customers. The equipment and process solutions we deliver are based on:

Since July 2018 FTNON is a business unit of JBT Corporation. John Bean Technologies Corporation (JBT) is a leading global technology solutions provider to high-value segments of the food processing and air transportation industries.

FTNON designs, manufactures, tests and services technologically sophisticated systems and products for multinational and regional customers. With our well-established dealer network and JBT offices around the world, we are able to serve the fresh cut and the thermal market worldwide. Serving customers in the fruit, vegetable and petfood processing industry.


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